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Reputations & Relationships

In a world that’s moving and changing at breakneck speed, we exist to nurture, protect and enhance reputations. We help conceive, create, coach and counsel the compelling communications that underpin successful leaders.

We’re trusted and proven partners. We work with people leading businesses, in public life and those campaigning for change. We’ve been doing this discreetly for 25 years. We know what it takes to lead and deliver.

Our success, simply, is your success.



I love you

When was the last time you told someone you loved them? When was the last time someone told you they loved you? How did it make you feel? Who said it? Was it a partner? Was it a child? Was it – shock horror - a colleague or a client?


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Click here if you don’t WannaCry

Vault 7, Cloudbleed, Shadow Brokers, Petya, NotPetya, GoldenEye are just some of the major cyber-attacks we’ve seen this year… so far.

The stakes are high. The risk of a cyber-attack is even higher. The threat of reputation damage in the event of attack is real.

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Fake claims. Real news.

Norovirus. A nasty stomach bug with unpleasant side effects… for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and sports federations. It’s the stuff tabloid headlines are made of. It’s the news that sends social media into a frenzy. It keeps General Managers, Communications Directors and lawyers awake at night.

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Rethinking Leadership

This is a time for rethinking leadership. We are doing this politically. We are doing it with our relationship with Europe and companies are doing it as they respond to the new demands and concerns of their stakeholders

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Rediscover the Art of Conversation

How many times have you watched a business or political leader on television and thought, ‘they’ve been over media trained!’?

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Control freak

What’s your most valuable asset? It’s a question I often ask the leaders I advise. Answers tend to be ‘my employees’ or ‘my products’ but more often than not, the answer is ‘my reputation’.

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