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The Leadership Agency and Embolden are part of the ctn group

70% of all communication is non-verbal.

When our clients come to us

Leaders must deliver. They shape outcomes. They create legacies. They navigate their organisations through times of scrutiny.

They must communicate compellingly. They must be able to persuade. These are the foundation blocks that drive opinion and mould reputation. They are prerequisites for effective and successful leadership.


Leadership Change


Transformation and Turnaround


Issues and Crisis


Campaigns and Launches


Legacy and Succession Planning


Investor Relations and IPOs


We help leaders and organisations define what they stand for. We devise strategies to deliver outcomes. We shape legacies. We write speeches and provide platforms so they can engage their audiences with confidence, authenticity and authority. 

We nurture, enhance and protect leaders reputations. We know what it takes to shape opinion and engage influencers.

We help leaders and organisations take control of their reputation, through meticulous research, insight and by helping our clients communicate with absolute clarity. 

Leaders need to be accountable and effective advocates. No more so than when under the media spotlight. Reputations can be made or broken in an instant.

In the ctn media centre, we coach, prepare and test a leader’s ability to perform in the most demanding of situations. It’s the vital professional coaching and ‘net-practice’ that ensures our clients handle their media engagement with skill and confidence. 

For leaders to be effective, they need to master the art of persuasion. They need to become compelling advocates. Enhancing personal impact skills shapes reputation and delivers outcomes. 

We help leaders take their internal and external communications to the next level. Expert coaching provides insight and practical skills to improve performance. This is backed by our proven methodology around the power to persuade  

CTN Media Centre

Our clients come to us for counsel, rehearsal and refinement of their communications' styles and skills in CTN’s Media Centre. Within our Media Centre we have a broadcast studio which we use to coach clients for media training, TED talks, live TV debates, employee town halls and leadership team building.

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